Welcome & Hello,

I’m Jordan. I’m a floral designer. And I’m never not noticing nature and how I can bring it inside.

Floral Design allows me the best medium to create and share the rich diversity of nature in it’s most beautiful form. My design is perfectly imperfect and slightly wild, allowing the flowers to reach to their own spaces - loose, fluid and highlighting the beauty of individual elements. My goal is to create designs that mimic what you have envisioned and beyond. Less planning for you, more dreaming. I desire to bring together different ideas of beauty into floral arrangements that set the tone and style of the space where everyone is coming to gather and celebrate. There is so much intimacy and romance in the bouquets that will be held, the garlands that will be draped and the arrangements that make their own statement.

Take a look around and notice the best brides and creatives I've gotten to work with so far, and let's start dreaming up your next special gathering.